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Bostik Deck Caulk# Technical Features
Bostik Railway Vehicle Adhesives# Technical Features
Bostik tests its adhesives according to standard industrial requirement DIN6701. The DIN6701 norm focuses on the behaviour of adhesively bonded joints before and after aging and gives railway manufacturers better means to optimise their designs. Anticipating developments in the field of fire resistance, Bostik also offers products that meet Hazard Level 3, smoke and toxicity, requirements according to the European CEN/TS45545 standard that will soon replace the current standards. These products prevent outside fires from spreading to the inside of a vehicle and prevent inside fires from spreading quickly within a vehicle.Simson ISR 70-08 Advanced Performance: For bonding windscreens, interior and exterior panels in trains, Bostik has developed ISR 70-08 AP, a high-quality adhesive based on Silyl Modified Polymer technology. ISR 70-08 AP is tested intensively according to DIN 6701. Resulting from this investigation, Bostik is able to provide data for Finite Element Analysis (FEM): Shear, tensile and compression dataAgeing data e.g. fatigue, temperature variations, the effect of sunlight (UV-A) and cataplasmBostik understands that the lifespan of mass transit vehicles demands a long-term vision from both manufacturers and suppliers. An ever-increasing number of passengers entrust you with their well-being. By providing safe and reliable sealants and adhesives we share and reinforce your commitment to commuter safety.
BOSTIK SIMSON DC (Deck Caulk) marine sealantProven, exceptionally strong adhesives and sealants in a base of high quality MS polymer (modified silane polymer). SIMSON DC (Deck Caulk) belongs in the product line MSR, that has be specially developed by the manufacturer BOSTIK for boatbuilding.Because of its high elongation and good UV resistance SIMSON DC is exceptionally well suited for the sealing of teak decks.The product is free of silicone, isocyanates and solvents and thus sandable and paintable. Further benefits:Easy to work with, no blistering, hardens nearly shrinkage-free, chemical resistant, seawater-proof, weather-reisitant, well suited for repair work on all previously used materials (except silicone).Open cartridges can be used for several months.Does not require labeling and can also be used inside.Working temperature: +5°C bis +35°C.Color: black.Hardness: 40° Shore A, Thickness 1.4 g/ccm, tensile strength approx. 1.4 Mpa.,ultimate elongation approx. 300 %.Comes in cartridges (290 ml) or packs (600 ml).
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