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SUSTAINABILITY AND ENVIRONMENTCorporate social responsibilityBostik has made a commitment to apply the maximum care and attention to human life and environment regulations in all activities carried out within the company. To ensure a healthy future, Bostik embraces the principles of corporate social responsibility. Bostik reduces its ecological footprintBostik makes every effort to provide customers with ‘green’ products that can be easily recycled and that are environmentally-friendly. These ‘green’ products are in line with both legislation and the continuously developing market.All our production sites monitor their waste emissions with the greatest care. Each one of our branches is committed to limiting waste, and to reduce the energy and water consumption. This process is supported by the ISO 140001 certification, an international index for environmental management systems.In addition, Bostik places great importance on the use of biodegradable, sustainable raw materials wherever possible in the production and development processes. Sustainable, recyclable raw materials, such as cellulose, talc, rapeseed oil and other vegetable oils, are an appropriate alternative to synthetic components. In addition, Bostik continues to gain in-depth knowledge regarding the use of environmentally-friendly alternatives for its formulations.We take our responsibility to supply high-quality products in a safe and sustainable manner with minimum environmental impact very seriously. Al these alternatives contribute to the reduction of Bostik’s footprint on the environment.
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